Ceramics, designed with form and function in mind Produced with care on Bornholm since 1859
  • 2 tea cups with a bag of tea

2 tea cups with a bag of tea

Produktnummer: 0603
2 pcs. teacups incl. a bag of Hjorths blend from TeSelskabet - a perfect gift for the tea drinker - packed in a quality gift box.
The teacup is a classic and spacious cup that is suitable for a good cup of tea. The cup is closely related to the coffee cup, which is one of Hjorths Fabrik's best-selling classics, and they complement each other well.
In this gift box, the cups come with blue "celadon icing", which dresses the classic shape.
The cup is suitable for hot drinks and can withstand both microwave and dishwasher.
As the product is handmade, colors and sizes may vary.
575,00 kr.